Your environmental strategist

Environmental concerns can greatly affect success, regardless of business size. Modern organizations must understand the power of environmental issues, and shift their mindset from one focused on environmental “management” to one focused on strategy implementation and execution.

At Grace Management Services we take the time to examine the effects of environmentalism on corporate approaches to grounds care and seek to use the latest, environmental friendly lawn care and cleaning techniques. As we prepare to assume grounds and janitorial management for your property, we take into consideration:

  • the evolving drivers of corporate environmental strategy, including: regulators, shareholders, buyers and suppliers, insurers, investors, and consumers
  • how environmentalism alters basic conceptions of competitive strategy and organizational design
  • how external institutions can create both opportunity and limitations for environmental strategy
  • how environmental threats can be incorporated into risk management, capital acquisition, competitive position, and other management concerns.

GMS seeks to have ongoing discussion with our clients about competitive environmental strategies and draw connections to the emerging issue of sustainable development. We continuously ask fundamental questions about the relationship between environmental protection and business strategy, and bring valuable solutions to the table for your consideration and implementation. Every individual who wishes to engage in business management in the 21st century will need an appreciation for the implications of environmental issues on corporate activities. GMS  means to increase our clients awareness in this sector.

Our staff will provide a wealth of real-world applications that demonstrate the validity and applicability of Eco concepts for your organization which will enable you to effectively demonstrate your concern for the environment to your clients. Your environmental strategy will proactively work as a competitive advantage for your facilities team.